Rim repair Houston

Houston Rim repair- Rim Repair Houston


Wheel scrapes, curb rash, wheel damage, gashes and abrasions are all repairable depending on the wheel. These repairs can be done the same day if the tire doesn’t need to be removed from the wheel itself. ,

Curb Rash Repair Houston Texas


Bent wheels, cracked wheels & broken or mangled wheels can be done in 24 hours or less. The end result is a wheel that looks like new, and the savings are outstanding over new wheels.Houston Wheel Repair Befor-After

Chrome wheel Repair is also available .

Because chrome wheels do not have a clear coat, they should be cleaned carefully with soap and water, and a polished with an impregnated-batting type of metal polish . Once the finish is cracked and flaking the only way to repair it is to entirely re-chrome the wheel. In some cases, We Cal Polish the wheel back to 90% Original look. Which is more cost effective than re chroming an entire wheel.

chrome wheel before after


We Fix Rims Houston does custom paintwork on wheels as well. Offering custom wheel painting, Custom paint matching.



Here at We Fix Rims Houston Wheel Repair we want your car or truck to look its best. We also want you to feel good driving your car or truck down the streets in Houston Texas, which is why having a nice set of wheels or rims is crucial. Great looking rims are usually the first choice, but an owner’s choice of rims really affects the car’s performance, too. Our team is made up of wheel and rim experts that are enthusiasts about making a car look and ride superbly!

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