Wheel Balancing

We Didn't Invent the Wheel, But We Can Make It Look Nice Houston Wheel Repair is your number one source for wheel straightening, custom painting, welding and balancing. With over 10 years experience in repairing rims, we can guarantee we will do the job right. We offer  quality work at competitive prices, starting at US$ 75.00 for on-site service. To fix bent  wheels , Cracked Wheels prices starts at US$125.00. Wheel Straightening Balancing Custom Painting Aluminum Welding High-Speed Polishing Repairs [...]

Wheel Replacements

OEM Wheel Replacements   Factory OEM  Wheel Replacements We fix Rims Houston is one of the largest selections of factory replacement Wheel Replacements in the Houston Texas Harsh weather, poor road conditions, curb scrapes can quickly deteriorate the look of the wheels on a car, truck or SUV. Replace them with high quality aluminum alloy wheels from We fix Rims Houston. With thousands of alloy wheels in stock and ready to ship, you will be able to find the wheels you need for [...]

Out Of Round Wheels

Whether you have sent your wheels in to be chromed, or you are sending your original wheels back from a chrome exchange, we are going to check every wheel for trueness upon arrival at our facility. At that time we may find that the wheels coming off of your vehicle are out of round. This may or may not have been something that you felt during use of your vehicle, but it is something that must be addressed before [...]