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Wheel Balancing

We Didn't Invent the Wheel, But We Can Make It Look Nice Houston Wheel Repair is your number one source for wheel straightening, custom painting, welding and balancing. With over 10 years experience in repairing rims, we can guarantee we will do the job right. We offer  quality work at competitive prices, starting at US$ 75.00 for on-site service. To fix bent  wheels , Cracked Wheels prices starts at US$125.00. Wheel Straightening Balancing Custom Painting Aluminum Welding High-Speed Polishing Repairs [...]


Your tires Slow leaks? Fast leaks? Tired of the air-pump rerun? On the road, everybody knows that happens! Have you recently: Hit a pothole? Jumped a curb? Run over debris in the road? Had a collision? If you have a dented wheel or bent rim. There are good news: With bent wheel repair, that slow leak in your tire doesn't have to be a big leak from your wallet! BENT WHEEL REPAIR HOUSTON Compare Wheel Repair with the Cost of Replacement [...]

Houston Bent Wheel Repair

Houston Bent Wheel Repair uses the Fastest method of Houston Bent Wheel Repair  and enhancements. Houston Bent Wheel Repair technicians straighten bent rims and repair all cosmetic damage to alloy and Chrome rims. With our reconditioning tools, proprietary paints and clear coat process we can remove curb rash, scrapes, gouges and discoloration caused by age. We utilize the proven and professional process that ensures a match with your undamaged wheels. Polished aluminum wheels can also be brought back to like-new [...]