Why buy a new rim, when you can repair the rim you have?
https://wefixrimshouston.biz/ presents a revolutionary solution for you! Rim repair has grown by leaps and bounds. In the “old days”, the way to repair a scratched or corroded aluminum rim involved removing the rim from the automobile, shipping it to a remote location for repair and then waiting, perhaps days or even weeks later, for the rim to be returned.
Repairing the Damange to Your Wheel.
Call https://wefixrimshouston.biz/ with your vehicle information (year, make and model) and a general description of your wheel damage. Preparing the Wheel to Accept a New Finish! https://wefixrimshouston.biz/ uses a proprietary system for preparing a wheel to accept a new finish so that when your wheel is ready for the new finish the end result will be spectacular.
Applying a New, Durable Factory-Type Finish!Rim Doctor then starts applying a new, durable factory-type, fully guaranteed finish to your wheel. This will help protect your wheel from minor scratches and road debris.
It’s as Good as New! Now the wheel refinishing process is complete and it’s time to put your rim back on your car. Making you feel great about how your car looks and how much money and time you’ve saved!
What if https://wefixrimshouston.biz/ can’t Repair My Wheel Damage?
If your wheel damage is beyond repair, https://wefixrimshouston.biz/ can help you locate a replacement at a significant savings to replacing with a wheel ordered from a dealership. This is made possible through our relationships with national re-manufacturing agencies. In addition to our wheel repair services, https://wefixrimshouston.biz/ also offers affordable solutions for:
  • Wheel Replacement
  • Custom wheel finishes
  • Chrome wheel simulators and wheel covers (available in some areas)
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