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Wheel Balancing

We Didn't Invent the Wheel, But We Can Make It Look Nice Houston Wheel Repair is your number one source for wheel straightening, custom painting, welding and balancing. With over 10 years experience in repairing rims, we can guarantee we will do the job right. We offer  quality work at competitive prices, starting at US$ 75.00 for on-site service. To fix bent  wheels , Cracked Wheels prices starts at US$125.00. Wheel Straightening Balancing Custom Painting Aluminum Welding High-Speed Polishing Repairs [...]

Houston Rim repair- Rim Repair Houston

Houston Rim repair- Rim Repair Houston 713-357-6040 Wheel scrapes, curb rash, wheel damage, gashes and abrasions are all repairable depending on the wheel. These repairs can be done the same day if the tire doesn't need to be removed from the wheel itself. ,   Bent wheels, cracked wheels & broken or mangled wheels can be done in 24 hours or less. The end result is a wheel that looks like new, and the savings are outstanding over new wheels. Chrome wheel Repair is [...]

Chrome Wheel Repair

Chrome Wheel Repair Houston Chrome Wheel Repair and 713 Used Tires offers complete wheel Repair and Refinishing services. We can service all wheels both foreign and domestic. Your wheel will be repaired back to its OEM (Original Equipment Specifications). All wheels are fully inspected prior to work being performed. If our inspection determines the wheel cannot be repaired back to OEM specification it will be returned. Your safety and satisfaction are our primary concern. If your rim can't be properly repaired, [...]

Why should I repair my wheels?

Why should I repair my wheels? Bent Wheel Repair Many vehicle owners will leave damaged wheels on their vehicle because they feel that it is "good enough" or that repairs are too costly to justify. The truth is that even a minor damaged wheel will cost you more money over the long run, and worse, can lead to dangerous driving conditions. Uncorrected vibrations caused by out of round or bent wheels, will cause uneven tire wear, extra heat and pressure, which will [...]